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    Traditional Herbal Medicine Doctor with 12 year old patient. Makeni District, Sierra leone.

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    Irine, 18 years old at home with her son Sasha, 20 months. Irine lives with her boyfriend who works long hours to support the family. When sasha was born his teenage parents considered placing him in a childrens home as they were having trouble coping. With EveryChild's help and support they have managed to keep the family together. Nevskii District, St Petersburg, Russia.

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    Twins Mascha and Pavil, 4 yrs, at home in the Tower Block where they live with their mother Irina. Both children have Cerebral Palsy and need constant care. Pavil also has severe epilepsy. Viborgski District St Petersburg, Russia.

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    Misha, 4, by the lifts outside her mothers one room apartment. Down and Out in St Petersburg, Russia.

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    Two girls make their way through Kroo Bay slum to get to school. Sierra Leone for VSO.

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    A Young man training to be a Holy Man displays his ability to endure pain. Varanasi, India.

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    Pregnant women wait for their midwife checks in a rural health centre. Sierra Leone for VSO.

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    Illegal Gun makers and traders in the town of Darra Adam Khel in the Tribal controlled territory outside Peshawar, Pakistan.

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    Sufi musicians and dancers at Lahore Temple, Pakistan.

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    G20 Protest London.

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    Captain of the winning Polo team dances in celebration. Chitral, Pakistan.

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    Sri Lanka Schoolgirls.

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    A young boy looks at the recent arrival of food from the World Food programme. Save The Children, Zimbabwe.

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    Annet 24 yrs, Commercial sex worker, in the one room apartment she shares with her five children. Bwaise slum, Kampala, Uganda.

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    HIV/AIDS orphan school. Kamwanjiwa, Malawi. EveryChild.

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    Classroom with no roof. Malawi for EveryChild.

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    Schoolgirls fetch water from a dirty pond for cooking and drinking. Uganda for ActionAid.

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    Schoolgirls fetch water from a dirty pond for cooking and drinking. Uganda for ActionAid.

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    A Child plays in the Estuary of Kroo Bay Slum. There are no working toilets in Kroo bay and the Estuary serves the local population for all washing and sanitation needs. Sierra Leone for VSO.

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    Sunday afternoon. Tissa. Sri lanka.

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    Gelinesi Mzoza and Esnart Biziweki harvest crops in the Lifidzi fields, Malawi. The women were able to buy The crop seeds with funds provided through an ActionAid Income generating Scheme.

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    A Malnourished child in the feeding centre. Fretown Hospital. Sierra Leone for VSO.

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    Elena cradles her daughter Dascha, 6 years, outside the Nevski rehabilitation centre for adults and children with disabilities. Dascha has Asthma, bronchitis and epilepsy. No school will accept Dascha as her care needs are too great to manage. The centre is her only contact with other children who also have learning and physical diabilities. The state allows a maximum of two visits per week as the centre is the first of its kind in the area and in great demand. Dascha's mother is retraining as a speech therapist in the hope one dayshe will be able to communicate with her daughter. Nevskii District, St Petersburg, Russia.

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    Teenage girls squeeze onto a bench during lessons at Kitemba primary school. Girls often miss weeks at a time of their education due to parents taking them out of school to help with farming. Boys' education is prioritised and their studies usually remain uninterrupted . This can result in 17 year old females repeatedly trying to pass end of year exams in order to progress to secondary school. Mubende, Uganda for ActionAid.

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